ZONE 3 - Unisex Vapour Swim Goggles



Comfort or vision and functionality, indoors or outdoors, these used to be questions that you had to ask yourself when buying new goggles. The ZONE3 Vapour goggles have been designed to meet all of your needs, no more choosing or compromising.


  • Ultra-soft silicon gaskets.
  • Anti-Fog treated lenses and 100% UVA/UVB protection.
  • Large curved lenses.
  • Easy adjust the strap.
  • Available with both Polarized and Photochromatic lenses.


  • Extremely comfortable due to ultra-soft silicon gaskets and an easy-adjust strap.
  • Unrestricted vision from large anti-fog lenses.
  • No more glare or the need to swap your goggles for different conditions thanks to Polarized and Photochromatic lens options.
  • Described by Triathlete magazine as “incredibly comfortable and functional with super soft silicone gaskets and great visibility through the polarized lenses”.


  • Ultra-soft silicon gaskets minimize pressure around the eyes keeping you comfortable during both open water and pool sessions.
  • Curved lenses give an excellent field of vision allowing you to carefully navigate your direction and spot any other swimmers.
  • Anti-Fog Lens protection gives crystal clear vision preventing the need for mid-swim demisting.
  • Polarised lenses minimize the sun's glare from the water.
  • Photochromatic lenses automatically darken in brighter conditions and remain clear in low-light conditions.