POLAR BOTTLE - Sport Insulated, Big Bear



You’ve heard it a million times: “Drink more water.” So, we made something to help you quell your thirst... and those pesky know-it-alls. The Sport Insulated Polar Bottle® helps athletes like you stay refreshed and replenished, no matter your sport of choice. Built for performance and optimized for effortless use, the bottle’s revamped design includes Tri-Layer™ insulation that keeps liquids cool twice as long, an ultra-thin exterior for squeezable hydration, and an integrated Dash Handle™ for easy transport.

Your workout, your bottle, your style. Say bye-bye to boring with a Sport Insulated Fade water bottle in your favorite color.


Dash Handle - Provides quick access during activity, is easy to transport, and is comfortable to carry.

Tri-Layer™ Insulation - Our recognized radiant heat reflective technology keeps you refreshed and restored in any and all temperatures.

Leak-Proof - Sport Cap design guarantees leakproof transport, giving you the freedom to go.