ADIDAS - KettleBell

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4 Kg
8 Kg
12 Kg
16 Kg

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A strength and conditioning essential, Adidas Kettlebells are a staple for any fitness regime. Built for both isolated and compound movements, kettlebells develop stamina, strength, and muscular endurance; enhancing your overall fitness with dynamic and effective movements.

Neoprene coated with a cast iron core, the kettlebell’s knurled handles aid grip with a wide design for both single and double-handed holds. A time-proven classic, the functional weights broaden your training options for progressive and effective workouts.


  • Weights: 4kg / 9lb, 8kg / 18lb, 12kg / 26lb, 16kg / 35lb
  • A flat base prevents rolling
  • Knurled handle for enhanced grip
  • Neoprene coated with a cast iron core
  • Wide design for single and double-handed movements