VIVOBAREFOOT - Men's Primus Asana

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Footwear for self-expression

Let's jump out into the world without being unconventional! Primus Asana allows you to move naturally without compromising on style. Put your feet on the ground, move more freely, and attract more attention.

Don't get caught up in the common sense
  • The foot-shaped (not the last) design allows you to move your feet naturally.
  • WIDE (wide) for a more natural sense of stability
  • THIN (ultra-thin) makes you feel more
  • FLEXIBLE (flexible) and more natural operation
  • A sock-fitting style blend of Woolmark® certified wool and recycled polyester for excellent breathability and thermoregulation.
  • The design of two colors of Wild Hide leather arranged in a quarter panel realizes natural suppleness.
  • Made in Vietnam


WILD HIDE leather - African leather tanned by Pittards®. We oppose intensive livestock farming where cows are kept only in narrow cages for the rest of their lives, and we use only the leather of grazing cows carefully raised by small-scale farmers in an environment that is as close to nature as possible.

Woolmark certification - Uses merino wool that has received Woolmark certification. It has excellent natural breathability, temperature control function, and sweat absorption. Woolmark certification guarantees the highest standards of wool quality and sourcing methods.

Detachable cork insoles - The surface of the 3mm thick insole has antibacterial cork specifications. If you want to feel the ground more, remove it, and if you want comfort, keep it on.