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Ultraspire - Speedgoat (550 ml)

HK$720.00 HK$504.00

The forerunner to this pack- the Impulse- was inspired by, and developed exclusively for, Karl Meltzer. There is no other runner in the world like legendary Karl Meltzer and no other race in the world comparable to the Speedgoat 50K, the race Karl designs and directs. Now the pack Karl has used for years is even better and has a new name in honor of Karl and the gnarliest race of them all, the Speedgoat 50k.

• Angled holsters for easy access perfectly holds ultra-soft and squeezable 550mL UltraFlask™ bottles (included).
• Mesh and fabric pocket center back to hold a small jacket.
• One side trash pocket and one side zippered pocket for securing essentials.
• Soft and supple perimeter binding made with polyester to wick away moisture, and stay comfortable against bare skin.
• Minimalist streamlined design for a comfortable stable ride.
• Removable quick access front straps for a jacket, Z-poles, or other accessories.
• Adjustable sizing from 26”-42”.