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Ultraspire- Lumen 100 Wrist Light


A hands-free wrist light that will shine on key elements while walking or running at night or early morning. With freed up hands you can hold trekking poles, access your gear on the go, or simply keep them free to be ready to climb.

This light has a soft adjustable band that fits on the wrist or back of the hand.

Recommended Use:
Simple light for hands-free lighting. From walking to running, the spot beam lights wherever you point your hand.

· Soft adjustable Velcro band for a custom fit around your wrist or hand
· Single push button “on/off” function
· Spot style light to focus beam on key features
· Aluminum body light for extreme durability
· Water resistant

Fit: Unisex
Wrist Size: 5″-10″
Color option: Pitch Black
Lumen Output: 100
Battery: 1 x AA
Burn Time High: 14 hours
Water Resistance: IPX5