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  • Description:
  • Masks are a necessary and obligatory complement for anyone, both at work and during their free time, and of course practicing their favorite sport.
  • At OTSO we have developed high quality masks and with the designs that characterize us, unique and daring.
  • Three Layers - The first, which is in contact with the skin, is cotton, spongy on the inside to prevent irritation, and with a great capacity for filtering bacteria and microbes.
  • The second is polypropylene, the most used fabric today for the manufacture of masks, with a specific micro-filtration structure and a “water repellent” membrane system.
  • And the third is polyester for high quality sublimation.
  • SIZE
  • Size L / XL designed for men
  • The sizes S / M specific for women and teenagers
  • OTSO masks are reusable, they can and must be washed following the instructions on the inside label, and they do not have an expiration date. It is highly recommended to wash them also before their first use.
  • Washing at 40 degrees Max
  • Do not iron
  • Do not use whitener
  • Do not use dryer