• Description:
  • Take your workout to the next level with our MDK FIT premium fitness mat. We applied over 20 years of yoga mat expertise with the latest technology to craft the perfect foundation for all floor exercises, from cross-training to barre. Combining highly durable construction that supports and cushions with a closed-cell, anti-microbial surface for easy maintenance, the MDK FIT is the very definition of performance enhancement.
  • 71” x 24” x 8mm
  • Lightweight construction and rust-proof grommets ensure easy-to-use hanging and storage at fitness centers
  • Prevents moisture and dirt from absorbing into the anti-microbial surface, allowing double protection and easy cleaning
  • Long-lasting materials and construction ensure durability
  • High-density foam with a soft-top surface and durable bottom layer provides support and performance enhancement
  • Ideal for all floor exercises, including cross-training, HIIT, mat pilates, plyometrics, and barre
  • Textured top surface provides grip with or without shoes
  • To Clean: Keep your mat in the best condition by wiping it down after every practice with Manduka All-Purpose Mat Wash. It’s specially formulated to clean your mat without damaging the surface or causing slippage. DO NOT soak, shower or submerge your mat in water.