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2XU - Women's Xvent 4" Shorts w/Brief


Sometimes, the simple act of letting go can help you achieve more than you ever imagined. Of course, you’ve got to put in the hard work, but when it’s go-time, the feeling of wind in your hair and cool breeze on your skin is unbelievably powerful. That’s why the 2XU X-VENT 4"" Shorts w/ Brief provides the breathability and ventilation you need amp up your performance and surpass your goals.

• Lightweight Vapor Fabric. Stay cool and comfortable with sweat-proof, waterproof technology.
• Minimal Cling, Zero Chafe & Reflective Details. Run fast, focused and visible in this highly breathable style.
• Semi Side-Split Leg & Rear Zippered Pocket. Maintain range of motion, plus secure storage for essentials.